Love and dreamcatchers are two symbols of optimism and hope‭. ‬Love can bring emotional stability and a sensation of being loved and supported‭, ‬just like a dreamcatcher does when you’re sleeping‭. ‬Love catcher ketubah is combining the two symbols with happiness‭, ‬hope‭, ‬and a deep bond between the couple‭. ‬The vibrant flowers that adorn the ketubah‭  ‬are a representation of springtime and renewal‭.‬

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Personalized (Fill in names by the artist), Unpersonalized (Fill yourself the needed details on the Ketubah), Your own text (Personalized using your own words), Your text+Translation to Hebrew (Your own words translated by the artist)


Standart 16"x25" / 41x64cm

Medium - מדיה

Giclee – הדפסת ג׳יקלה


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