The lotus is a symbol of enlightenment‭, ‬purity‭, ‬and rebirth‭, ‬and is often associated with spiritual growth and transformation‭. ‬The Lotus ketubah may be particularly appealing to those who are drawn to its spiritual connotations and which reflects their personal values and beliefs‭. ‬

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Personalized (Fill in names by the artist), Unpersonalized (Fill yourself the needed details on the Ketubah), Your own text (Personalized using your own words), Your text+Translation to Hebrew (Your own words translated by the artist)


Small 20"x14" / 51×36 cm, Standart 18"x24" / 46×61 cm

Medium - מדיה

Giclee – הדפסת ג׳יקלה


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